Stephane Pautrot


Please do the math for both (11+11)'s then Whatsapp me.

I have been bothered by a number of satanists who only wanted to mess with me so, if you'd like an answer, please send me two pictures of yourself, one from head to toe and a close up portrait so I can feel your energy.

Thank you.

Remember there is only one God
and They are the same unbounded ocean of infinite Peace, Love, Bliss and Knowingness for evereryone,
only seen from a different perspective.

All religions based on Love are therefore legit, even though some are closer to the Truth than others plus it is ok to have cultural differences which don't have much impact on whether or not one will go to Heaven, like the Muslim compulsory pilgrimage to Mecca.

Jesus requested me to restore the truth about his original teachings. Feel free to ask questions!

Love from France,
Stephane Pautrot.

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