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I merged with God then met Jesus in Heaven

I was born Catholic but my parents didn't believe in God. They agreed to send me to religious class though, at the request of my grand-mother, a very pious woman who wished for me to be able to make up my own mind about religion. My parents played along nicely by never talking about religion, not even to criticize it or point out they didn't believe in God.

I loved listening to the two ladies teaching religious class, I loved the way they spoke about God and I had no doubt God is Love and They can perform miracles. Now, one day, we kids were taught that sinners go to hell for all eternity and I couldn't believe it. I asked 'Why would a loving God send sinners to hell for all eternity?' I had no problem with sinners going to hell, just like murderers go to prison, but I couldn't believe sinners would stay in hell for all eternity. I couldn't believe God forgives us when we sin but, after a certain day somewhere in the future, They would stop forgiving sinners.

Can you imagine a soul in hell, realizing they made a mistake and imploring God to forgive them but God refusing to listen or, worse, telling them: "You're too late. You apologized just one day too late"? I have always been a practical and logical person, which didn't prevent me from believing in God and in Their ability to perform miracles, this is faith, but it didn't make any sense to me that God would, at some point, refuse to forgive anyone. It didn't feel like a matter of faith to me. It rather felt like a lack of consistency in the beliefs. This God who was supposed to suddenly stop forgiving sinners was not a God I could believe in! I hence stopped attending religious class and I didn't believe in God until another 20+ years.

As a matter of fact, the only Bible verse saying sinners go to hell for all eternity is Matthew 25:46 but it is a mistake: in Matthew 25:34-40, Jesus talks to the righteous and he naturally does so in the second person plural; then, in Matthew 25:41-45, Jesus addresses the unrighteous and he also naturally does so in the second person plural; now Matthew 25:46 is written in the third person plural which means it is a conclusion to Jesus' two addresses, a conclusion which is worded by someone else than Jesus, either Matthew himself or the person who first wrote Matthew's Gospel down. As for Jesus, he never said sinners would stay in hell for all Eternity and, since God is not only Love but also Justice, it makes sense that sinners will serve time in hell for a period of time relevant to their sins. Can you imagine a man coming home from work earlier than usual and finding his wife in bed with another man then, mad with rage, killing both of them staying in hell for as long as Hitler – e.g. Eternity? Of course a fair God would never want that and, again, Jesus never said or suggested all sinners would be treated with the same sentence. What Jesus did say, in Matthew 25:41, is that those on his left – the unrighteous – would be cast "into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels". It must therefore be clearly understood hell and Gehenna are two different things: 'regular' sinners go to hell but not for all Eternity and only "the devil and his angels" will be cast into Gehenna hence destroyed forever.

When I was seventeen, I started trying to meditate on my own. I had heard of meditation but I had no idea how it was done so I was only trying to stop thinking by holding my breath. As you can imagine, I didn't get very good results! I then tried a couple meditation techniques I found in Buddhist books I borrowed from the library. The results were much better but they didn't match my expectations. I therefore went to a Vedic meditation class and learnt a mantra-based meditation in 1989. This meditation was deep and effortless and I liked it so much that in 1991, I went and live in its founder's ashram for a year, meditating four hours a day. I had to leave because of health issues.

In 1997, I had a near death experience during my sleep, probably caused by a severe then untreated sleep apnea syndrome. I went through the tunnel and I saw this very bright light which doesn't hurt the eyes so many people tell about. I went up very high at an incredible speed, heard the angels sing, merged with God then met Jesus and Mother Mary.

From that day on, as you can imagine, I started believing again and I started praying at least an hour every day. Each time, Jesus would visit me and take me into a deep state of silent meditation. I didn't see or hear Jesus but I could feel his presence, particularly his peace, and after some time I just couldn't pray any more and I stayed in a deep state of meditation similar to the one I had experienced with the mantra-based meditation except I wasn't using any mantra any more. After some time, I became able to meditate directly, without praying with words – I write "with words" because meditation is a kind of silent prayer.

For years, I didn't say anything to anyone about my Near Death Experience except to two close friends. Some day, another friend saw that I was closing my eyes to take some rest and he felt I was meditating. He requested me to teach him but I told him I couldn't for I knew how to meditate but I had no idea how to teach meditation.

In 2012, I was meditating at a spiritual event when I was inwardly told it was time to start teaching. I felt clumsy, not knowing if I would be able to teach. Now the funny thing is that my then wife was sitting next to me and, during the seven years we had been together, including five years under the same roof, she had never showed any interest in meditation but that day, when I opened my eyes upon finishing meditating, the first thing that she told me was: "I would like you to teach me how to meditate".

Although I had no idea what to do or say, I heard myself reply "OK, close your eyes" and I heard myself guide my first student into a state of deep meditation. I had no idea if she was going to enjoy this meditation as much as I did but, when she opened her eyes, she said: "Wow, that was so deep!"

I then taught 50 or 60 students over about a year but I had to stop teaching for private reasons.

In September 2017, I moved to Lourdes, France, where Mother Mary appeared 18 times to Bernadette in 1858, in an intent to speed up my spiritual growth – and I am glad I did because the energy is amazing here! I then started reading the Bible, which I had never done before, and I discovered the meditation technique Jesus taught me is referred to in Matthew 6:22 and Luke 11:34. This is how I learnt Jesus was already teaching it 2000 years ago.

In September 2019, Jesus appeared to me as I was walking out of Church and he requested me to bear witness to him. I did so in French at first, mainly addressing Christians, but they all failed to listen to me and, according to Jesus' instructions in Matthew 10:11-14, I turned my back on them and closed my website. I then decided to open this English website with a slightly different approach since I now disclose Shiva, who is a manifestation of the Absolute Jesus used to call the Father, appeared to me for a month when I started teaching the very meditation Jesus had taught me.

Although this might push away a number of Christians, I feel it is important to mention my encounters with Shiva, not only for the exhaustiveness of my testimony but also because the main thing Jesus taught me when I met him in Heaven is that he is Peace and Love and that when one gets close enough to him, he disappears and only Impersonal Peace and Love remain, just like if we walk towards someone and we get closer and closer to them then, at some point, we can hug them but we cannot see them any more. Therefore please do not focus too much on names like The Father or Shiva – or, for that matter, Krishna, the Buddha or Allah... – since they are all expressions of the same unmanifested unbounded ocean of infinite Peace, Love, Bliss and Knowingness with infinite organizing power.

Jesus actually says the exact same thing in John 10:16, a verse which is widely misinterpreted by Christian preachers who make it say what they wrongly believe rather than seeing it for what it really means, explaining Jesus addresses the Jews and refers to the gentiles as the other sheep but this doesn't make any sense since Jesus is talking to the Pharisees who only pretended to be Jews but who really were satanists (worshipers of Lucifer) as proven by Jesus and John the Baptist calling them "serpents" and "brood of vipers" in Matthew 3:7, Matthew 12:34 and Matthew 23:33, snakes being an allegory of Lucifer because of their split tongue which symbolizes lies – this is why Adam and Eve are deceived by a serpent in Genesis.

Now Jesus made it clear no one can serve Lucifer and God (Matthew 6:24, in which mammon, often translated by "money" represents the material world e.g. Lucifer). The Pharisees are hence not real Jews and the other sheep Jesus refers to in John 10 really are people from all religions who do their best to love and, at the very least, not harm any one, as requested by Jesus in the new command he gave us (John 13:34; Matthew 22:34-39). This of course includes former satanists who will selflessly turn to Love and who will produce fruit worthy of repentance as requested by John the Baptist in Matthew 3:7-9 – and I know some of them are eager to do so 🦁 💗 👊

It is perfectly acceptable to have a preference for a particular expression of God but it would not be right to pretend this is the only true one for there is only one Absolute, one Love, taking multiple forms. There is actually no contradiction between this insight and Jesus saying he is the Way, the Truth and the Life in John 14:6 for Jesus didn't usher those famous words as the human being he also was but as God e.g. as an embodiment of Peace and Love. What Jesus really meant is therefore that Peace and Love are the Way, the Truth and the Life (and we experience them during the silent meditations for world peace, when we lay hands, either to a recipient or to ourselves, and when we practice Shaktilence meditation).

If this feels a little too much for you to apprehend, remember that even to the disciples who spent three years in Jesus' presence, who received his teachings almost daily and who had the opportunity to ask as many questions as they needed, Jesus said: "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear" (John 16:12) yet nothing much has been added to Jesus' teachings ever since except Paul's fraudulent doctrine which he only started preaching less than 10 years later while some real apostles were still alive, for example Peter and James, and Paul certainly didn't teach anything they couldn't bear.

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